Councillor Pat Garrett

Councillor Pat Garrett

When looking for a place to call home, both my husband Art and myself originally from the Stettler area; decided to raise our children in small town Alberta, Millet. We moved to Millet in 1986, with our children Michael and Rochelle. It all started with my son wanting to join Beavers; I became Rainbow and never looked back. From that time on I was involved in a number of groups and organizations; starting with Scouts, Recreation Board, Minor ball; and then Council. I have been a Town Councillor for over 25 years; and have had the opportunity to be part of most areas pertaining to Council involvement. My major emphasis is Marketing, Promoting and Policing. Some of the committees I am now active with; Tourism, Historical Society, Land Fill Authority, Water Commission Board and Municipal Planning. I have helped initiate and set up policing projects from; Wetaskiwin and District Victim Services Program, a Community Advisory Committee, and Citizens on Patrol. It has been both a pleasure and privilege to be an ambassador for Millet.

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